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Atelier 548 is a Hollywood Regency Style Loft Atelier, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, on the border of the Fashion District, Historic District & the Gallery District.

French for a space where an artist creates, this privately owned loft offers all the tools and style that you would need for an extra-ordinary photo shoot, workshop, private showroom, or event space experience. It is truly an intimate, high fashion, discreet, and stylized environment, unlike you will find anywhere else.

When I had the opportunity to design for my longtime client Niki Schwan again, I was super excited. She is always one of my favorites to design for, as her style is old world hollywood glamour with a contemporary twist.


There was a relatively quick turn around on this project, so wire framing was important to establish from the jump. Wire frames are a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website, ergo a screen blueprint.

Wireframes are a great way to organize ideas, understand the content that will be included and take a big picture look at the overall flow of the website. It is also a chance for the designer and the client to make sure they are on the same page before any designing actually takes place, cutting down on revisions later on.


When you have a portfolio as robust as Niki, pairing down the content can be a challenge. Our next step was to refine and assign the copy and the imagery for each page. STEP THREE | BUILD IT OUT

Time to bring the project to life. I choose Wix for myself and my clients, because I find it to be extremely user friendly to both design in, and then hand off to my clients afterwards so they can manage the site on their own if they choose to do so.

Once the homepage was approved the remaining pages fell right into place as well:

  • Amenities

  • Menu Of Services

  • Promo Page

  • The Curator

  • Booking


When the remaining pages were approved. We did a thorough walk-through of the website to ensure all pages and links were displaying correctly. Last, we launched the new website! Take a look at the shiny new website in action at

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