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Stepping Away (Temporarily) for Maternity Leave

I can't believe it ... but our due date has arrived. So it is truly a matter of time until we get to meet our daughter Ruby.

To my wonderful clients and friends, I am officially going on maternity leave until early April. We are so excited to welcome #BabyRubyKruse into our family, and you are welcome to follow along with our journey as new parents on Instagram.

If you are a current or potential client or affiliate, you are very important to me! I’ll be checking my email sporadically. Please, send any messages that you’d like me to review with the subject “URGENT:[Original Subject]” and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. All other emails received will be deleted from my inbox. If this is not time sensitive and you would like to get in touch with me, please resend your email when I’m back in April.

Thank you so much for your understanding as I temporarily step away from my business in order to be fully present with my family during this time.

Warmest regards,


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