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Pop the 🍾 - Molly Kruse Design has some BIG news!

It has become clear over the last few years that majority of my clients are often overcome with the day-to-day tasks. The list of projects that fall on the creative end of the spectrum usually getting moved to the bottom of that list and largely stay unresolved as a result. It is a problem I hear about (almost) on a daily basis, and one that I have become quite good at solving. So good - it has become the majority of what I am hired to do these days, and what I want to continue to do going forward.

So Molly Kruse Design is now a creative concierge offering the same premium design services you have come to expect, in tandem with a creative concierge service to provide a complete resource for my client's. What the heck is a creative concierge, you ask?


Think about what you could hand-off to bring a meaningful change to your day-to-day productivity. Perhaps you are a visionary ready to unload the management of your creative projects to free up your time for bigger picture tasks. Maybe you are an existing company that is ready to freshen up with a rebrand, but you haven't been able to make it a priority. Or perhaps your social media / blogs have taken a backseat because creating consistent and meaningful content is too time consuming.


That is where I step in as a creative integrator, to strategically compliment and further your creative vision by offering creative project management, design and illustration, copywriting and content curation.

Creative Project Management

From a single project to an ongoing service, I am here as a creative integrator to get that list of projects that is piling up - off your plate and into action by overseeing the job, as well as time, scope and cost of the project.

Design + Illustration

Through personalized graphic design and custom illustration - I am still here to provide same imaginative ways to improve your current branding or marketing collateral that you have come to trust from MKD.

Copywriting + Content Creation

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs .. Oh my! Creating consistent and meaningful content can be time consuming. I streamline this process by offering copywriting, content creation and social media management. Tag me in to conceptualize and implement a cohesive cross-platform voice and tone for your brand, so you can focus on the bigger picture - Like growing your business!

If any of this resonates with you ...


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