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Every designer is different and comes with his or her own process. Below is an outline of how I roll so my clients have a nice tidy little roadmap of what to expect when they book a basic logo package with me.


First and foremost, the initial consult. This typically happens before the project is booked.

Either by way of phone call / Zoom or a meeting at a lovely little coffee shop, this is an opportunity to learn about their business, goals, and areas ready for improvement.

After the consult has concluded and they have decided to book, I send over my Brand Workbook.


This is an important step in both the logo and branding process, and it gives me tremendous insight into the personal style and overall direction of the brand through the eyes of the client. I I encourage my clients to dig deep as we build or refresh their branding.

START WITH INSPIRATION: Each creative approaches a project differently and draws inspiration from different places, but I’ve learned that I work best when I have a visual reference at the outset of my design process. There are a few options how we can do this, but my preference is through Pinterest.

Start a board and drop in some examples of logos or any other inspiration that resonate with you and the tone of your brand. Under the description make sure to include a quick note for me that explains why that image stood out to you. Invite me to collaborate with your board: MKD Pinterest ROUND 1 BLACK / WHITE COMPS + REVISIONS After reviewing the inspiration board and getting a feel for your esthetic, I will begin the pen-to-paper process and send over initial logo concept ideas to begin the conversation and get the feedback needed to move forward with a particular direction and revisions as needed. Depending on your needs, you may require a primary and secondary logo (Ie: If we design a vertical / stacked logo as your primary, there might be certain instances you will require a horizontal version for things like email signature or stationary for example).

After the primary logo artwork is approved, we can discuss and develop a secondary logo if applicable for your brand. INTRODUCE COLOR After the initial logo artwork is approved we will introduce and explore color options, and likewise develop a branded pallet to take away with your shiny new logo(s).

VOILA! YOU ARE NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF YOUR SHINY NEW LOGO! With all the hard work behind us, it is just a matter of saving out your files and Style Guide and transferring them over to you. Your basic package includes ownership of the following: Original Logo Artwork, Personalized Style Guide PDF, Ai, png, jpg + gif versions, Font files associated with logos.

"Hey, as a matter of fact ... I need a logo!"

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