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Exciting Changes To My Brand (And Why The Departure From Studio M)

To my beloved Studio M ... it's not you it's me.

Over the course of the last few months I have been hard at work redefining my brand. Although Studio M has been my sanctuary for over a decade, the cold hard truth is that we have outgrown each other. Studio M was born while I was still in college and struggling to find my voice and direction both as an adult and as a visual artist. It was meant to be aloof enough to house any and all of my creative musings along the journey - and there were many. From the early days of craft shows and painted home goods, to my first freelance gigs as a graphic designer, to the rise and fall of the hand-painted footwear, and everything else in between. There has been blood, sweat, and more than a few tears invested since its conception, and Studio M was the moniker for it all.

While there is a large piece of me that feels sad to let go of such meaningful and familiar part of my creative and professional identity (though I do it with the upmost love, respect and gratitude), there is an equal amount that is excited to unveil and formally announce the evolution into Molly Kruse Design.


So why Molly Kruse Design? Though the shiny new name might not seem like the most revolutionary of choices to some. Or perhaps it even seems the obvious option to others. For me ... it represents so much more.

This is me. No smoke screens. No ambiguous name to hide behind. Just me. My work. My point of view. Unapologetic and unadulterated. This is confidence. This is knowing my worth as a designer, as a woman, as a person. This is full ownership. This is vulnerability. This is transparency. This is Molly Kruse Design.


As I ring in a new year that is sure to bring with it an abundance of "new" and "firsts" for myself and my family, I also ring it in with a new level of commitment and focus to my clients. Molly Kruse Design is committed to intentionally practicing and be driven by its 4 core values.

Excellence: It is my promise to never settle for the first, easiest, or quickest solution. By giving attention to every detail, I pledge to create a product that is to the highest and best of my ability.

Creativity: I will carefully analyze, research, and create a custom solution that not only solves your challenge but also helps you stand out in your industry.

Dependability: I strive to always deliver what is promised, to meet every deadline, and to communicate proactively and with the highest level of integrity. Molly Kruse is a designer you can rely on.

Fun: I believe that by demonstrating a sense of humor and developing an enjoyable creative environment, I can create an enduring atmosphere for exceptional creativity, outstanding client service, and thriving client relationships.

"Hey, as a matter of fact ... I need a designer!"

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