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There is nothing that soothes my soul quite like pairing my graphic design roots + being a mom. Children's illustration has become a new and unexpected passion since having my daughter Ruby and my son Otto.


As I entered into this new Mom thing, I realized listening to music / singing to your baby are some of the most precious moments we have with our babies ... singing in the womb, softly singing your newborn to sleep, dance parties with your toddler - It is the BEST! I wanted to capture those moments indefinitely, so I dreamt up the idea to design music posters that would translate to a child's environment.


Minimalist design. Soft color pallet. Lifelong memories.  

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Nursery Poster

Over The Rainbow | Judy Garland | 1939

You and I nursery poster

You and I | Ingrid Michelson | 2008

Fee Music Poster

Fee | Phish | 1989

Rainbow Connection Music Poster

Rainbow Connection | Kermit The Frog | 1979

Picture of nursery with music posters
Pencil and apintbrush in a cup icon

Curious about having your own set of special songs designed for your little one? Contact me

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