Wifey + Mama + Designer + Lover of Dog Feet + Self-proclaimed Fashion Icon 


Hiya! I'm Molly Kruse, artist and strategist behind MKD design studio. Like so many other entrepreneurs, I started this labor of love because I wanted to pursue my creative musings on my own terms after feeling unfulfilled and stifled creatively by the corporate scene. 

As a result of owning my own business I have found it's less about being impressive, and more about making an imprint. MKD fuses fashion and footwear experience with graphic design roots, creating a unique perspective for my clients. Clean lines and type + an eye for minimalist design through reduction and synthesis is my jam. Catering to the creative and fashionable entrepreneur is my specialty. 


If you have found your way to this  site, I presume you are on a similar journey. Perhaps you own a small business, starting a brand or looking to launch a new line. Whatever your passion ... I am into it. 


Helping people, just like you, is my passion. As a graphic designer, I pride myself on being a visual problem solver who is both committed and laser focused on helping your business flourish. Designing a logo or website goes far beyond creating a pretty image; it allows you to create a stunning first impression, grow your dream business and live a life you’re truly passionate about.